Week 9 – The Fire Child

With the wet and grim weather, it made sense to pick up this book.  I was pleasantly surprised to read that it was based in Cornwall.  Anyone who has visited Cornwall knows how atmospheric the cliffs can be, particularly in areas around the mines and old mining towns.  S.K Tremayne does a great job of painting a picture of the bleak and isolated coastal paths, nice work.

I wouldn’t say it’s ‘I sleep with the light on’ like the quote on the front there, but it’s a cool thriller/horror book.  A delve into ghosts, insanity, dark family secrets and a spooky old house.  I think the book loses it’s thread a bit about 3/4 through but picks up again near the end.  Nothing too challenging in it, the ending made me laugh – because it seems so true to life these days but perhaps not the fairytale one you hope to read.  Definitely worth a look, I’m tempted to try out the ice twins book too…

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