Week 8 – The Break Down

Well I have done a few war related books now (not expected to but hey!) so I fancied something a little different.  This book was sitting on the best seller thrillers – The Break Down by B A Paris.

It started straight off with a bit of dialogue and pretty big text on the page.  I didn’t have high hopes but it turned out alright.  A delve into the darker side of the mind, marriage and crazy.  It’s a breakdown following a breakdown. A short but thrilling read, nothing too taxing but enjoyable. An easy one to whizz through on the commute, you will probably guess what happens pretty quick ( I did) so that may make it all a bit tedious as there’s a lot of background.  It’s what I’d expect from a short best-selling thriller to be honest…Kinda like what you’d expect from similar style tv show.

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