Week 5 – Nomad

I fancied a delve back into pure fiction again.  I bought myself a copy of Nomad by James Swallow.  This thriller style book caught my eye.  I guess it was the unusual cover.  Whizzing over the blurb on the back I must admit I didn’t have high hopes that I’d stick to reading it.  It all sounded a bit too obvious.


It does feature a lot of guns, ass-kicking, military and spy jargon and action scenes a plenty but it kept me interested throughout.  I could imagine this book easily becoming one of those action style movies.  Very in-date considering the world’s current terrorism fears and the story is revealed in a number of scenes from varying points of view.  Short enough to enjoy on your weekly commute and definitely one that could get a boisterous physical guy who isn’t normally interested in reading, on board.

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