Week 3 – When Breath Becomes Air

In my previous post I mentioned that I’m a sucker for biographies.  I love reading what people have actually been through, their problems, their successes and how they got there.  It’s something I find intensely interesting which is why I bought a copy of When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.


The lady in the shop said it was a tear-jerker.  Whilst I didn’t cry, it was difficult not to feel sheer disappointment at how things turned out for Mr Kalanithi, from surgeon to patient with all the complexities of life in between.  I particularly enjoyed reading about the moral difficulties surgeons encounter in their everyday work – just how much should a patient know about their condition etc….  It was also interesting to read from a cultural perspective, this wasn’t about the UK NHS, rather the American medical system, something again with it’s own intricacies and nuances.  Short enough to read through the regular commutes! So pick it up

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  • Hi
    this book can be challenging and I find that it takes time to really ‘get into it’;.Thanks for the recommendation.. I had never heard of this before. I quick look at the first few chapters his life leads me to believe that he was a fascinating and talented writer and person.


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