Week 2 – The Noise of Time

Week 2 and book 2, so I went for The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes.  Despite the weird looking cover on this one, I picked up on on recommendation of the lady in the Waterstones store (guess I’m an easy sale!).  The book itself was not at all what I was expecting from the cover.

I really took to this one, it’s very short but I love me a good biography.  Although this one is a totally fictional biography, the way it was written sucks in a lot of history and culture, something I found to be pleasantly surprising.  This book was an exciting read and made me think about the hardships that people in past regimes (and current) need to deal with.  From wanting to be well known for your work to wanting to be left completely alone… A roller coaster of emotion.  Well worth a read!!

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