Week 15 – Family Planning

This week my book brought me on a trip to India, well sort of – Family Planning by Karan Mahajan is a funny little read. It’s about a gentleman who has done extremely well in his career so far but his family of 13 kids is starting to have a bit more of an impact on his working life.  The book shifts to cover the point of view of one of his sons and weaves a story which interlinks everything, from romance, sex, family planning and work, to health, culture and comedy.

Worth a read because the book is pretty amusing even crude at times but I’m not sure I’d pick up another book by this author, something just didn’t quite gel with me.  It came to quite an abrupt stop at the end. Although I enjoyed getting into the psyche of this Indian family the book kind of left me feeling flat? But if you want a light and daft read during your commute, then pick it up.

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