Week 14 – Brother’s Keeper

This book was in the sale, I picked it up because somebody reminded me that I was doing this book a week thing so that I’d be encouraged to read more fiction…Ooops.  So yep, I thought I’d give Brother’s Keeper by C.E Smith a shot. Again looking at the cover it’s probably not the kind of book I’d usually pick up but it was worth a read.

The story of a disgraced doctor who ends up travelling to a war-torn country as he has found out his twin died there. He takes over the role his brother had and runs into some pretty hefty trouble… Though I like the ideas the book explores, the story took a while for me to get into, the writing seemed a bit too simple for my tastes but it picked up a lot towards the end.  A short book at about 270 pages so you can mooch on through quick and easy in a few hours.

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