Week 13 – It’s all in your head

I wouldn’t usually pick up this kind of book but somebody recommended it to me and for good reason. ¬†Again it’s not fiction but it was an enjoyable read. ¬†Suzanne O’Sullivan is a neurologist and the book explores a side to her job that perhaps you wouldn’t expect – her work with patients who have psychogenic disorders rather than those caused by physical health issues.

Whilst a book about ‘imaginary illnesses’ might seem like a boring read, just seeing the breadth of problems she has encountered are absolutely amazing and how the doctors choose to try to tackle them is certainly something to be admired. It made me think twice about health issues for sure. If you’ve ever felt tension in your shoulders or head when you’re stressed out, a fluttering in your stomach whilst nervous or even blushed with embarrassment, you will probably find this book to be pretty informative.

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