Week 12 – Boomerang

I snuck away from fiction again and fancied a book where I’d learn a little something.  Having read Michael Lewis’ The Big Short (and watched the movie!) I kinda knew what I was getting myself into.  This is a short but hilarious whizz through some of the massive flaws in the financial systems which led to various crashes and catastrophes around the world.

From Iceland to Ireland, Greece to to Germany, I absolutely loved this book.  My only complaint would be that it was too short.  I read it on a 2 hour train trip.  Whilst it doesn’t provide a broad view on the debt crisis and how it’s affecting the world, the little stories, anecdotes, interviews and insight into finance was something I really enjoyed reading.  Not quite film worthy but I could see this book being made into one of those netflix style mini series haha…

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