Week 6 – The Heart Goes Last

I picked this one because it was nearing Valentines Day and what better to read than something about a heart.  Although The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood isn’t exactly a romantic slush fest.

It’s more post-apocalyptic, fantasy which to be fair you could imagine happening in reality soon (well…to some extent).  It was an easy read and featured lots of sex talk, action and the exploration of human thinking.  It took me a while to really take to it as it seemed a bit too American/over-the-top for me but I was glad I stuck with it at the end.  I’ll probably check out some more of Ms Atwood’s books.

Week 5 – Nomad

I fancied a delve back into pure fiction again.  I bought myself a copy of Nomad by James Swallow.  This thriller style book caught my eye.  I guess it was the unusual cover.  Whizzing over the blurb on the back I must admit I didn’t have high hopes that I’d stick to reading it.  It all sounded a bit too obvious.


It does feature a lot of guns, ass-kicking, military and spy jargon and action scenes a plenty but it kept me interested throughout.  I could imagine this book easily becoming one of those action style movies.  Very in-date considering the world’s current terrorism fears and the story is revealed in a number of scenes from varying points of view.  Short enough to enjoy on your weekly commute and definitely one that could get a boisterous physical guy who isn’t normally interested in reading, on board.

Week 4 – Dadland

I must admit I picked up Dadland by Keggie Carew  up purely because of the Costa badge on the front of it, I was browsing through the best sellers looking for something new and grabbed it.  I’m very pleased I did.  The cover doesn’t give away too much but it’s certainly a story about the love and life of a father and daughter.

I won’t give it all away but this was a lengthier read and it even had pictures inside.  The authors father has led an exciting and amazing life, as she uncovers more and more it is interesting to see what followed on, how things ended up now his memories are fading.  Again it’s one that can tug on the heart strings for sure but it’s not too soppy.  A guy can pick it up and thoroughly enjoy it! So go for it

Week 3 – When Breath Becomes Air

In my previous post I mentioned that I’m a sucker for biographies.  I love reading what people have actually been through, their problems, their successes and how they got there.  It’s something I find intensely interesting which is why I bought a copy of When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.


The lady in the shop said it was a tear-jerker.  Whilst I didn’t cry, it was difficult not to feel sheer disappointment at how things turned out for Mr Kalanithi, from surgeon to patient with all the complexities of life in between.  I particularly enjoyed reading about the moral difficulties surgeons encounter in their everyday work – just how much should a patient know about their condition etc….  It was also interesting to read from a cultural perspective, this wasn’t about the UK NHS, rather the American medical system, something again with it’s own intricacies and nuances.  Short enough to read through the regular commutes! So pick it up

Week 2 – The Noise of Time

Week 2 and book 2, so I went for The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes.  Despite the weird looking cover on this one, I picked up on on recommendation of the lady in the Waterstones store (guess I’m an easy sale!).  The book itself was not at all what I was expecting from the cover.

I really took to this one, it’s very short but I love me a good biography.  Although this one is a totally fictional biography, the way it was written sucks in a lot of history and culture, something I found to be pleasantly surprising.  This book was an exciting read and made me think about the hardships that people in past regimes (and current) need to deal with.  From wanting to be well known for your work to wanting to be left completely alone… A roller coaster of emotion.  Well worth a read!!

Week 1 – We Need To Talk About Kevin

So what better way to start a year of book reading than by delving into something unsettling.  I decided to pick up ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver.


Great little book – not too long and written in an interesting style.  I found myself sucked in and keen to read more.  It will make you ask those probing questions about nature or nurture.  The book was was made into a movie, which of course isn’t a patch on the book.  So read first then watch the flick!