Guy makes bath bombs

8th February 2016 0

This guy has seen all the videos on how to make bath bombs then decides to make his own only it actually blows up! wooohoo […]

Chinese new year

7th February 2016 0

Tomorrow is chinese new year – so watch the video below and learn a little more about it The legend of Chinese New Year Cute […]

White Chocolate Balls

6th February 2016 0

Cool cooking vid on how to make those fancy chocolate balls Get your chef on next dessert time! Wooo yeah! Chefs fancy balls

Coke Bottle Gatling Gun

4th February 2016 0

This is so freakin’ cool – i want to make one and go nuts with coke bottles Check out the Coke Bottle Gatling Gun It […]

The Gay Pizza Song

3rd February 2016 0

Because pizza is sexy here’s the sexy gay pizza song You’ll be singing along and never looking at pizza the same again OK so yeah […]

Trex and a horse

1st February 2016 0

Because I’m still dinosaur obsessed at the moment…..Take a look at the t-rex and his horse So elegant, so majestic and what a patient horse! […]

Stripper Cop

31st January 2016 0

If strippers were cops how would they act? Well this party video tries the theory out. Kinda amusing in a sick joke way….Though love the […]

Jurassic Parkour

30th January 2016 0

I’m a bit in love with dinosaurs at the moment (blame ark) but saw this dinosaur training hard and just had to share the video […]

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